Sundays at 9:15 am – We offer Bible Classes (Sunday                                               School) for children, youth and      



+ Our children enjoy Bible stories, crafts and other learning fun.


+ Our youth have the opportunity to explore God’s message in       a way that applies to them in their life now.


+ Our Adults are taught by Pastor Gavin through an array of    

   various topics and further study of God’s Word. Often the    

   study is enhanced by way of video media from our own  

   extensive media library. - Refreshments are usually available.  

   And every class begins with an “open forum” to ask questions    of Pastor and to engage in free discussion.



WEDNESDAYS at 10:00 am - This 90 minute class for  

                                                  adults provides the    

                                                  opportunity for both

                                                  fellowship and learning.


With at least twice as much class time as that on Sundays, this class is more relaxed; while offering twice the time for learning.


Pastor Gavin also teaches this Wednesday class; and also begins every class with an “open forum” to ask questions of Pastor and to engage in free discussion.


Refreshments are always available, often with an array of homemade treats.    


The topics for study vary widely, and are often chosen by the class. Greater in depth study of God’s Word, our faith and beliefs and those of others, and the challenges of living today as a Christian is offered.


Video media from our extensive media library, viewed on a large screen TV often supplements our studies. Study materials are often provided to assist you in your learning, and to retain for later reference.