FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  As a visitor, will I have to stand and introduce myself?

       No. It is not our practice to have visitors stand and be    

       introduced during our worship services.


Q:  Are the facilities handicap accessible?

       Yes. There are reserved parking spots and wheelchair      

       ramps to enter all of our facilities.


Q:  Are there accommodations for families with young children? 

       Yes. We welcome and encourage parents with young

       children to sit anywhere they wish within the church.      

       Age appropriate activity sheets are available to help occupy

       your children.


       If your young child does begin to cry or act up...don't be

       embarrassed we don't mind.


       However, should you wish to take your child out of the

       worship service, there is a lounge nearby with books

       and toys for your child; and comfortable sofas and a

       monitor for you to view the service.


Q:  Are there accommodations for the visually impaired?

        Yes. There are large print bulletins and hymnals available.


Q:  Who is permitted to receive "Holy Communion"?  

         Everyone who is baptized, truly sorry for their sins and

         believe that the body and blood of our Lord Jesus is

         present in and with the eating of the bread and the

         drinking of the wine in the Lord's Supper is invited

         to Communion. No one who feels the need to come

         forward to receive, will be turned away.


Q:  What about the "common cup", "individual cup" and "grape

      juice" when one receives Communion?

         Both the common cup and the individual cup is available

         for your preference when you come forward to receive

         Holy Communion. Individual cups of white grape juice

         are also available to you.


Q:  What do I do with my children when I go forward to receive


          We encourage you to bring your children with you, so

          that you may be together as a family. Your children will

          receive a blessing from the Pastor.


Q:  Am I required to give an offering when I attend worship? 

          An offering plate is passed during the worship service...

          but as a guest, giving an offering is completely



Q:  What if I want to become a member of your church?

         We would be delighted! We would invite you and/or your

         children to be baptized. If you have been baptized, you

         can become a member of St. John by:

         Transfer or Affirmation of Faith: if you are now a

           member of or have been a member of a Lutheran


         Confirmation: if you have not been Confirmed in a

           Lutheran Church; or are or have been a member of

           another Christian Church; or have never been a member

           of any Christian Church.


     Pastor Gavin would be happy to discuss all this with you.