“Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord, let us shout aloud to         the Rock of our salvation. Let us come before Him with  

       thanksgiving and worship Him with music and song.”                                                                         (Psalm 95:1-2)  



At St. John you will experience a different style of worship service every week, as we bring variety to worship. We offer worship from traditional to contemporary and everything in between.


Here are brief descriptions of the various styles of worship services.


TRADITIONAL:  This service offers you orders of worship long used in the church; with liturgy and hymns from our Hymnal: “The Lutheran Service Book”.


CREATIVE: Our term for a “blended” service. This service will offer words and songs from many different Christian sources. Pastor Gavin often writes or “creates” many of these services from his study and knowledge of worship. Sometimes our Music Director Jim Vyhanek will also bring to us a new song from his extensive music experience.


CONTEMPORARY: At St. John this is our Praise Service. Modern words and song medleys led by our synthesizer offers you a joyful worship experience.


THEME WORSHIP: These are special “Creative” services which often include “Word-Song” responses to such themes as: Prayer, God’s Word, The Life of Jesus in Song, Hymnal Favorites, Gospel-Fest, American Folk Service, International Hymn-Fest and more.


HOLIDAY SERVICES: All of the major church holidays are celebrated with special “Creative” worship services, including  Mid-week services for the Advent and Lenten seasons.

And it is not just the Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter holidays which receive the special service treatment. We also experience special “Creative” worship services for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day; and have offered services for Memorial Day, Fourth of July and if March 17 falls on a Sunday…a St. Patrick’s Day service (as Pastor is Irish).     



              JOIN US AND EXPERIENCE OUR                          “WORSHIP VARIETY”