WELCOME TO....                                 St. John Lutheran Church

St. John is a family of people eager to do the mission and ministry of our Lord Jesus as He has challenged us to do.


Here we offer to you, not only the Word of God in all its truth and purity, but a family of people caring for each other, seeking to live lives pleasing unto our Lord and reaching out in love to our community. 


We invite you to "meet the family" and join us in worship unto our gracious God.


Who We Are

We are an intergenerational family of believers seeking to grow together in faith and life.


In a day and age of stress and worry; when relationships are more apt to be made online than in person; when the young are seeking answers and the aged are seeking comfort; when families are being pulled apart by the many activities often imposed upon them and when many are being challenged in their faith...we offer to everyone of all ages a spiritual home and a caring family. 


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What We Offer


We are a Bible based church that holds true to the teachings of Christ; while at the same time are relaxed in man-made traditions. We seek to share the unchangable Word of God with methods of today in our ever changing world.


We offer to you a spiritual Family and Home eager to welcome you. 


We offer to you a worship experience unique among most other churches, a standard practice of Worship Variety; as well as a meaningful, Bible based message every Sunday.   


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