Meet Our People, Pastor and more



The St. John Family is a mix of persons of all ages and backgrounds who have come together to share their love and fellowship with each other; and their love and worship with their Lord Jesus.


You will find warm, caring and friendly people within the Family.

Age, gender and "how long you've been a member" are of no consequence to the Family.


We welcome everyone who wishes to serve the Lord and His Church to be able to do so.

We invite you to attend all activities.

We urge you to get to know the Family...and allow us the privilege to get to know you.


                   There are no "outsiders" in a Family.   


            COME...VISIT...and "MEET THE FAMILY". 



Our Pastor

Jeff G. Gavin


Bio:  Pastor Jeff has served in the ministry for over 41 years; the last 31 years here at St. John.


Orginally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin; he received his Master of Divinity degree and was ordained in 1982. He is well versed in many areas of religion; and is a fine preacher, teacher and counselor. 


He has served four consecutive 3 year terms as an elected officer of the Northern Illinois District of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. As "Circuit Counselor" he supervised six to

nine other area churches and served as the liaison among the pastors and people of these churches and the President of the District.


Pastor is also skilled in worship aspects, and is the person behind the crafting of the worship service. Many of the worship services used at St. John have been written by him.


Pastor Gavin is proud of his Irish ancestry (obvious when you enter his office) and still remembers vividly the trip he made with his wife in 2009 to Ireland and Wales (the location of his wife's ancestors).


In the spring of 2012 Pastor had the opportunity to visit Isreal and tour the Holy Land. He states that it was a rewarding and an enriching experience.  


Pastor Jeff and his supportive wife Lynn (Davies) will celebrate

their 50th Wedding Anniversary in August 2024.










Pastor Jeff at the Jordan River at the traditional site of the baptism of Jesus.

May 2012

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